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Currently available on BandCamp.com, iTunes and cdbaby.com - the New 4 Track EP: The Night Before

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Gavin D Sweeney - The Night Before

Dark and regretful 'The Night Before' is a catchy toe-tapper, a perfect example of the way the singer-songwriter Gavin D Sweeney effortlessly combines his Irish folk roots and storytelling with the rhythms and melodies of country and bluegrass. Sweeney is not only a skilled guitarist: He also plays a mean banjo"


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We have finished the filming for the forthcoming single and newly recorded version of 'The Night Before'. Both song and video will be released early in the year - prior to the launch of the studio album. Thanks to Darren Paul and Las from Muse Motion pictures, DG Productions from Pinewood Studios, Duffy's Bar in Leicester and the crew and extras who made it all happen!

With the very finishing touches currently being added to the new album; it is likely that the long-awaited Gavin D Sweeney record ‘The Truth about Lies’ will not arrive for commercial sale until early next year. I hope to update you with a definitive 'On Sale' date soon.

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Saturday 8th - Belmont Hotel Leicester)

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Thursday 27th - Songwriters Circle at The Fox (Twickenham)

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